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If you are looking for an exciting and memorable day of Light Tackle Fishing Block Island RI, look no further than Reel Cast Charters, a full-time Connecticut-based light tackle fishing charter service. Reel Cast Charters specializes in Light Tackle Fishing Block Island RI and the surrounding Connecticut waters of Long Island Sound.

Fishing on Long Island Sound doesn’t require a lot of equipment. At Reel Cast Charters, we cater to all types of anglers. Not all anglers are into hauling more equipment than necessary onto a boat. Fishing is meant to be fun and relaxing, so many anglers are content tossing a line in the water and trolling for fish. This is often all you need.

If a small amount of tackle is the perfect amount for you, then you’re probably into light tackle fishing trips. Reel Cast Charters offers great fishing experiences that use light tackle in order to catch whatever you’re after. But if you’ve never been light tackle fishing before, you should keep a couple of things in mind.

What Is Light Tackle Fishing Block Island RI?

There are many different ways to catch a fish. Deep sea fishing requires shorter rods, open-faced “knuckle-buster” reels, heavy hooks, strong line, and sometimes a down-rigger (depending on how deep you’re fishing). When you go out fishing, and you don’t fish very often, you won’t have much tackle and probably a lighter line. Congratulations! You are successfully light tackle fishing. All that light tackle means is that you’re using lighter lures and line to catch fish. This is different from fly fishing, where the line and lure are extremely light in order for them to stay at the water’s surface.

Common light tackle fishing lures are jigs, worms, swivels, light spoons, and plugs. Because your lures are a little lighter, they might need some help getting to your desired depth. If let’s say, the fish finder sees that some striped bass are at 30 feet, you will need a lead weight or two to help your lure fight through the denser water. Once it’s at depth – and if you’ve tied your lure correctly – your bait will start acting as it would.

Another depth-related notion to remember about light tackle fishing is the splash of the lure. If you’re fishing on the flats, for example, you don’t want to splash your bait because it will scare the fish. Top-of-the-water fishing requires very small lures.

What Can I Catch Using Light Tackle?

Since light tackle fishing is so common, there’s a large list of things that can be caught through light tackle fishing. From striped bass to false albacore, to bluefish, and tautog (or blackfish), to more northern species like northern pike and walleye – there’s really no fish that won’t take to light tackle in some shape or form.

If you book a light tackle fishing trip with Reel Cast Charters, we’ll be sure to put you onto some real nice fighting fish. Blackfish have a lot of spunk, which makes them very entertaining. They’re a great eating fish as well!

So if you’re interested in a great light tackle fishing experience, don’t hesitate to give Reel Cast Charters a call. We have the ability to get to the hot bite wherever it might be on Long Island Sound. Book with us and all you’ll have to do is put your line in the water and fish. We’ll take care of the rest.

To book a light tackle fishing Block Island RI charter, contact Reel Cast Charters (203) 710-5116 or

Light Tackle Fishing Block Island RI
Light Tackle Fishing Block Island RI
Light Tackle Fishing Block Island RI