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If you are looking for an exciting and memorable day of Fly Fishing Housatonic River, look no further than Reel Cast Charters, a full-time Connecticut-based fly fishing charter service. Reel Cast Charters specializes in Sport Fishing Charters on the Housatonic River and the surrounding Connecticut waters of Long Island Sound.

Going out for a day on the water with your family and friends is always a fun time. Putting a line in the water and catching a fish or two always seems to bring people together. The beautiful thing about fishing is that it doesn’t matter what kind of fishing you do, it always has this effect.

So if you’ve been fishing for a while from a boat or from dry land, you already know how much fun can be had. There is another kind of fishing that takes a slightly different skill set, however. Fly fishing is a very popular method for catching fish in streams and rivers, and Reel Cast Charters has been helping anglers organize fly fishing trips for years. For those new to fly fishing, the switch can be a little intimidating, so let us help you with the transition.

What Is the Difference Between Fly Fishing Housatonic River and Spin Fishing?

The first and most important distinction between fly fishing Housatonic River and spin fishing is how the lure is cast. With spin fishing, you have a lure on the end of your line, a light line, and a heavy rod. This lure is the heaviest part of the setup. You are casting that lure far away from the shoreline or boat, and the weighted lure is what will get it to its destination.

With fly fishing, the key is in the fly line and casting method. Each part of the fly fishing rig is purposefully built. The fly line is the weight for the setup. You’re using the fly line to propel the much lighter lure (the fly) with a very specific casting method called false casting.

Another difference includes the lures themselves. As mentioned above, spin fishing needs heavier lures that imitate fish. Fly fishing uses lighter lures that can resemble all forms of typical fish food.

Lastly, your fishing locations for both fishing methods are going to be different. Spin fishing is best done in stillwater, like lakes. Fly fishing is better suited for rivers and streams, though stillwater fishing can occur in these locations as well.

Why Should I Try Fly Fishing Housatonic River?

If you’ve been a spin caster your entire life, then you already know how to find fish in certain types of water, which lures to use, and how different seasons affect different species of fish. You’ve also grown used to the same form of casting over time, which has probably worked wonders.

The main reason to try fly fishing is to try a different way of doing it. Lifelong spin casters will at first be stymied and then fall in love with the different casting technique and baiting that fly fishing involves. The change of scenery from the lake to the stream means you don’t need to invest in a boat, making fly fishing much less expensive to get into.

So, if you’ve been looking for a new fishing experience, why not give fly fishing Housatonic River a try? Contact Reel Cast Charters today to book your fly fishing trip. You’ll be glad you did.

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Fly Fishing Housatonic River
Fly Fishing Housatonic River
Fly Fishing Housatonic River